Monday, March 7, 2016

My New Kitchen

       Hi! So, as you know, we are dramatically downsizing from a 1200 sq ft house to a 30' camper. From two (2) bedrooms, living room and family room to only one (1) bedroom and living room.
       At the house my kitchen was approximately 10'x15' with an additional 5'x10' pantry to store all our goodies! I admit the big country kitchen at the house was nice, but this one is soooo cute, don't you think?
       Now, in case you are a new visitor, I must mention that we were initially planning to downsize more drastically and move into the miniscule space of a sailboat!! So, in moving into the camper, we are doing a smaller scale version of our original plan. This is actually a nice transition step as we won't have to part with every treasure immediately.
      And, nice part, it gives us the option to try before we buy! Yes, the option to try renting a camper. This camper is our training module!!!! We are planning to eventually buy our own camper/RV/camper-van, but, by going this route, have time to research and save money. I am going to join an RV club so we have access to loads of information on ups/downs of different models, how-to's on repairs and upgrades, places to visit once we're in our own RV and on the road, mobile income options . . .
       So, this will be my sweet little kitchen for the next 1-2 years. It's almost clean (not including the floor!!) and ready for us to begin hauling over dishes and groceries . . .
Anyone else out there downsizing this dramatically? Any tips or tricks you could share?

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