Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Down My Rabbit Hole . . .

       Good morning! How is your rabbit hole looking? Have you stepped back to take a good long look at it recently?
       I've been reassessing mine daily (minute-by-minute OCD-style!!) and am seeing some things I need to address. . . 
       First, I must say our new mobile homestead is something we should have done years ago!! There are always tweaks to make, tiny adjustments, but we are incredibly happy!!! And, as an added bonus, everyone associated with our new mobile homestead is so sweet . . . we couldn't feel more welcome there.
       And the rest?
     Well, I have been looking into setting up online sales of the items I make . . . that is the next logical step in running my own business and being able to be totally mobile . . . now where did I put the list of potential business names??!
       What are you currently doing to revamp/remodel/rebuild your rabbit hole?

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