Thursday, March 24, 2016


After a night feeling my hand slowly cramp up, seeing swollen arthritic knuckles this morning was no surprise. Red and sore is the story today. . . . I've taken ibuprofen for the swelling . .  this is the first time I've tried this (I usually block it out) . . . we shall see how much, if any, this helps . . .
This repeated scenario had me thinking on my way to work . . . what would happen if this became so bad I couldn't work? If I had to go on disability my check, last time I checked, would be between $500-700/month!! That's not enough to raise a son, obviously. This is part of the reason we've worked so hard for so long to decrease bills/expenses. The cheaper our lifestyle is, while adding in as much free fun and luxury as possible, the easier it will be to retire on basically no income.
And, based on this potential/highly possible scenario, I am starting my own business selling the items I make . . . hand made knit stocking caps and hats, baby clothes and quilts . . . I've found that changing my activity regularly eases the pain and swelling. If l arrange my days to include some hand sewing, gardening, wood carving and making dream catchers (and a tiny bit of knitting) I should be okay.

What is your plan?
Would your SSD check be enough to support you?
What if there is no money from the government?
Have a plan . .
Work the plan!

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