Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Pedometer App ~ thinking ahead . . .

I walked 3,006 steps so far . .
Two hours on the clock and getting a bit of exercise in!
I wanted to share my thoughts . .
I've been thinking ahead . . .
I need a solid plan B . . .
You know, that plan for if the bottom falls out of your life!
       If there were a sudden disaster, death, or the place you work (or live) were sold, what would you do?
I always have a myriad of ideas running through my head as well as some fairly solid plans . . . plans can be fun, like all day daydreams while gazing at clouds . . .
Daydreams are fun, but being prepared helps me sleep nights! I have noticed that, since we've moved and feel so comfortable in our new home, we are no longer prepping. . . not good!! We absolutely can't allow ourselves to become so comfortable we stop moving forward.
I would like to see us buy our own used RV yet continue living at our current location for 1-2 years. This would allow ample time to upgrade and customize to our heart's content while saving money for our future adventures.
What is your plan B??

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