Monday, November 9, 2015

Letter to My Future Husband . .

Hi there . . so good to see you again . . I wanted to share something I've decided to do ~ writing letters to my future husband. Yes, you heard me right! Writing to him, whomever he may be, to share my journey from here until our wedding day. I got the idea here:
But, I must say, I did something similar long ago . . I was married to my second husband, Medyan, and he was in Jordan visiting his family . . while he was gone (3 long weeks, if I remember correctly) I wrote him a very long stream -of-conscience letter. He loved it and kept it with him . . even had his friends read portions.
And so I am sharing with my future husband who I am, what I think and feel as well as my daily activities. . my strengths, weaknesses and fears . .  my hopes and dreams as well . .
I have been wanting to do this for some months now, but was chicken, basically because I've been burned so many times. . . but also because it has been so difficult to write to an as yet unknown man without my writing being slanted toward whomever flirted with me that day . . Hopefully I am finally past that point (I believe it was being too much flesh and too little Holy Spirit led). And so, I am writing . . and waiting  . . and praying . . for him . . for us . . for our ability to serve Him better together then we ever could separately!!!

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