Saturday, November 21, 2015

Be Grateful Challenge ~+~ November 20-21, 2015 ~=~ Sabbath Blessings . .

We started with a quick cleanup after work (necessary for basic survival) then had a funky homemade pizza (won't be repeating that combination!!) . . then it was time for snuggling up to a good Bible study followed by a quiet movie. . . .
Blessings of a first winter snow awaited us this morning  . . ah, seasons do change . . so it is with our lives  . . chat with a sweet son then off to work. . . slow driving in snow as you just don't know who thinks this is a new concept . . .
work offers the blessing of basic cleaning chores (My Paid Work~Out Program) and the opportunity to pray all day!! I have something special I am praying about and wanted to pray and fast today . . I know I shouldn't be working on the Sabbath, but I also know God sees that I am trying to change this without going under financially and ending up homeless, so I work while I fast and pray . . .  breaks and lunch to quilt and pray in my car while I watch the snow fall gently around me . . a few text messages from my sweet son . . I have a peaceful heart trusting solely in His direction and waiting for the next step He needs me to take . .   . . . . shopping for ingredients to bake Swedish tea rings for church . . home and safety and my sweet Matt . .
God is so good . .
So grateful for all He provides!!!

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