Monday, November 30, 2015

Countdown ~ Four Years of Not Cutting My Hair!!

Wow! It's really been four (4) years since I last cut my hair!! I must say it has definitely been worth it, even going through all the odd grow-out stages.
My hair, at the longest point, is now well below my tailbone when wet. In looking at this photo I can definitely see all the damage from when I used to color my hair . . a definite line of demarcation and extreme damage!! The new growth (hair not chemically treated is so shiny and healthy in comparison!! Quite a bit of the damaged chemically treated hair has broken off over the last few years so that, at one point I lost approximately three (3) inches of length in one week!! My under layer (along the nape of my neck), on the other hand, is all new growth, almost completely jet black and has cute curls . . Go figure!!
How are you doing with not cutting your hair?
How has this obedience blessed your life?

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