Monday, November 16, 2015

Prayer of Jabez ~ 1 Chronicles 4:10

Starting my morning with this prayer . .
As my NKJV study Bible offers absolutely no extra information on this verse and neither did "Every Woman in the Bible" offer information on his mother, I turned to "The Bible Reader's Companion" which, although offering excellent information on other verses, totally skipped this one. Finally I found a bit more information in my ?NIV Compact Dictionary of the Bible"  . . Jabez was the head of the family of Judah and Zobebah is probably another name he was called . .
He was, apparently, a very minor character to receive such little attention  . . don't we all feel that way sometimes? I know I do in several situations, but the most powerful one is in my service to the Lord! As a single mom with an autistic child my time, energy and money are beyond limited. I have a strong desire to help lost souls find their way into the loving arms of Christ, I just don't always have enough left over of me to pursue it  . . . and yet, there is hope also for me . . in this small humble prayer I ask God to change my tiny life so that I may do more for Him . . . not specifically praying to do any one thing, but for Him to "enlarge my territory"~ in other words, to make a way for me to serve Him more fully wherever He needs me without shirking my duties as a mother  . . . .
Lord, please hear my prayer

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