Friday, November 20, 2015

Would Jesus Have a Database That ‘Tracks Muslims’, or Whites, Blacks, Native Americans . .?

I have to admit I am in shock! What I am hearing takes me back to the 2008 presidential election and bizarre ideas about dividing the country into approximately five (5) segregated areas based on race!! I actually heard a call-in comment on a radio show recently suggesting that churches only allow those fully vetted to attend in order to keep evil out, and so we should do the same with Syrian refugees . .
While church members are vetted to ensure the unsaved are not voting on church matters, churches (for the most part) realize they are to "be fishers of men" following Jesus' lead to save the lost thus welcoming the unsaved to attend services. 
Jesus offered God's love to all sinners. The goal here isn't to kill all opposition. The goal is the salvation of all sinners. Have you heard the song "Waiting to be Found"?? Beautiful Christian song about the lost waiting for Jesus to find them!! Anyone unsaved is lost, so lost . . and waiting for one of us to offer them that soothing love of Jesus!
On a news feed I read that Donald Trump wants to put all Muslims into a database  . . I immediately think of concentration camps and internment camps and wonder . . and I am sickened . .  how soon until there is a database for each race? Is that really the sort of country we want to live in?? Are you in the least bit frightened of the implications of such a series of databases being kept? And what will be done with this information? Who ultimately decides that??
Another comment I heard on that same radio program asked,
"what if each church took in one Muslim family?"
Good thought!!
What if each church simply loved one Muslim family?
Made them feel welcome?
Showed them around town?
Took them home cooked meals?
Showed them the love of Jesus??!!!
How much further toward Jesus' goal does a sincere hug, a hot meal and a whispered "God loves you" go???!!!!
How would Jesus handle this?

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