Tuesday, November 17, 2015

WWJD~ Pray for Syrians or Blow Them All Up??! "US Christian groups plead for compassion for Muslim refugees"

This has been on my heart as I read all the news feeds (I don't have TV) and I'm needing to share my perspective with you . . yes, I do realize there have, maybe almost always, been Biblical wars . . but aren't those wars supposed to be sanctioned by God? Maybe I'm completely off base, but isn't a war supposed to be something He tells us to get involved in??
Now, don't stop breathing! I'm not suggesting we all humbly become Muslims and cater to the terrorists . . BUT, I am suggesting that our current mode does not appear, IMHO, to have anything to do with prayer  . . when was the last time you heard a world leader say, "I went into my war room and spent __ days in prayer and fasting until God gave me a firm answer for how our country should deal with this"???
So, what I am asking of each of you is this one simple thing . .
Begin to whole-heartedly pray that the Syrians will find Jesus . . pray earnestly that someone truly brave will come at them with the love of Christ instead of fear and hate . . pray that someone brave will hug them and whisper gently, "God loves you . ." so that those tiny words can plant themselves in the back of their mind along with the gentle smile of a true believer . .
If we are to all be "fishers of men" then God is asking us, IMHO, to do all we can to show them the love of Christ . . this doesn't mean allow them to come here to rape and butcher us . . but it also doesn't mean blowing them all up for what some have done . .
What if every Christian worldwide began to earnestly pray for the salvation of Muslims, but specifically Syrians?
What if we showed them God's love this way . . .?

Since the Paris terrorist attacks on November 13, governors of more than half of the US's 50 states have said they will not welcome Syrian refugees—defying President Barack Obama's September announcement that the US would take 10,000 Syrian refuge...

Quartz - Tuesday, November 17, 2015


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