Saturday, November 7, 2015

Head Coverings ~ 1 Corinthians 11:10-15

As I prepare for the future He has for me, I find it more and more important to be obedient to the Word of God as well as to completely understand it.
My Bible NKJV Companion Bible says " . . power= authority . . ,i.e. the sign of authority, a veil, which betokened subjection to her husband."
Hmmm . . And again I am thinking about what God intended the head covering to look like. This covering should be worn almost 24/7 it seems and I am wondering if one would need to wear it at night and would that hinder peaceful sleep?
If a woman praying/prophesying must be veiled . . And we are honestly to be praying all the time . . then, logically, shouldn't women be always veiled when awake? I know I spend a majority of my waking hours in prayer, so I should be veiled when awake . .
And because the angels are always watching we are to be always veiled . .. so, at minimum, always veiled when awake . .
In reading from "Every Woman in the Bible" by Sue and Larry Richards, I am learning that the head covering is proper behavior for a Christian woman and this proper behavior honors her husband. Also, by wearing the head coverings the women show they have the authority to prophesy! How amazing that must have been to the women of Corinth!! 
Okay, so now I must look at my own head coverings  . .   I have been using colorful bandanas at work as these keep the dust and dirt out of my hair while also covering my head. This is a useful covering for doing very dirty work. And for other activities? Well, I have a very cure brown lace covering that I enjoy and I also use one of my Grandma's doilies, but . . . I long to make few new options . . and to study more on head coverings common to the time of the Corinthian church so that I have a better idea of what is truly required.
Where are you with your own head coverings? Are you creating new designs? Thoughts on requirements?

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