Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My Paid Workout Program. . 48%

I walked 4,843 steps so far today.  .
I have to admit yesterday was a caffeine and sugar fueled fluke . . .
I am not sleeping right . .
I wake in the morning completely exhausted . .
In/near tears . .
Grab a megavitamin . .
   And a 32 oz coffee (2" sugar in the bottom to stay awake) . . .
       I am sincerely hoping and praying the treatment for my sleep apnea will resolve this.
We shall see.  . .
Meanwhile . . .
I'm trying to juggle it all. . .
I am currently laying the groundwork to reduce my stress level as well as our dependence on money. I know I can't continue at this pace indefinitely and don't wish to have another mini stroke, or worse, so will be making major life changes.

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