Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pondering . . .

~ people love old campers . . they're nostalgic and fun . .  I am wondering . . if one could get ahold of a variety of these, clean them up a bit  . . and set up as a unique campground . . . something fun and different . . . anybody else think this just might be a hit?!!

~  why is it okay to say and do whatever you want to people, But not okay to be opposed to that behavior?

~ why are people who've destroyed their bodies with drugs and alcohol given SSD yet children with autism have to fight for the same money?

~ how can homelessness be outlawed? How can it literally be a crime to live outdoors? If a person doesn't bother (pester, poke, etc) other people, why can't they live in a way that makes them happy?
Imagine the freedom in traveling wherever you want whenever you want . . imagine the opportunity to sleep under a tree all afternoon (did that one Sunday many years ago in a park. Spread put a comforter and pillows and my family took a nice nap). . . .
How can freedom suddenly become illegal??!??!??!

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