Sunday, July 24, 2016

2016 Presidential Election: "PHOTOS: DNC erects four-mile eight-foot tall fence around Philly convention site - The American MirrorThe American Mirror"

As we get closer to election day I find myself going from supporting one candidate for US President to planning for a horrible aftermath.
Here's why:
•We all know all candidates say whatever they have to to win.
•Candidates with morals and values probably don't even exist.
•Neither party has any understanding of the true needs of average Americans so they promise crazy things like free money, etc thereby insulting our intelligence.
•They erect fences to keep us at a safe distance (so as to not cross contaminate them?!!?).
•The US has become riot-mad and normally sane citizens are taking protests to repeatedly more and more dangerous levels. The not so hidden agendas of the candidates, once in office, will ignite national protests the likes we have never seen.
         I do not see hope in this election. As a single parent already living below the poverty line one wonders how much worse things can get. A lot worse. From where I sit being poor is becoming a crime as is standing for morals/values (Christianity), American freedom, fiscal responsibility, free enterprise and compassion.
       I don't want a handout, that will make me weak. I want the freedom to make a really good life for my son and myself. I want the freedom that existed in the US in the 1950's!!
       With this election looming on the horizon I am wondering at what point a new revolutionary war will begin? Will it become more and more impossible to support our families? Will we need to bug out before the election or can we safely wait until just before inauguration (either way we're talking about bugging out in the winter)?
       Is anyone else seeing what I'm seeing here?

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