Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rambling from the Homestead . .

   Yes, I've been a bit AWOL . . Sharing, but not really . . a lot going on . . I'm trying to process it all . . and, frankly .  .. I am facing many critics/judges . . . I am sharing, well honestly not sharing, because the constant criticism has been "interesting" . . .
     I am wondering about where I am and what I'm really accomplishing  . . .
           AND . .
     Way more importantly . .
               I am wondering what a situation I allow to continue is teaching my son about self worth? What we accept for ourselves is what our children will also accept for themselves.
       Honestly, I want so much more than this for my son . .
   I want him to know there are jerks out there and how to deal with them (he's already becoming fairly proficient at that!!).
   I want him to care enough about his own life to surround himself with caring supportive people.
   I want him to find a career that is rewarding beyond finances.
   I want him to hold firmly to his compassion and remember to reach out as there is always someone with less.
   I want him to always always seek God's will first and be obedient.

       I have to make necessary changes to provide for him now what I want him to seek as an adult.
       Our home situation should continue to be one of caring and understanding free from judgements of others who've not raised this autistic child.
     Our journey must continue to be primarily about seeking God's will.
   We must push ourselves to learn more every day.
     We must help those in need (goes back to my earlier post asking when was the last time You hugged a homeless person).
     We must refuse to climb into the box and be another clone, but instead must  . .
     Be us . .
        Be happy . .
          Show love .. 
              "Be the change . ."

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