Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Long Week . .

   It's been that week . .
     Changes, much needed, and taking things from illogical to sane,
         Yet, a lot all at once . .
And an eerie nagging fear  ..
  That the sanity of the changes may be forbidden . .
       And then?
     My phone, the same one that worked after being dropped in a toilet bowl two (2) different times . .
        It totally flips out on me!
    Screen scrolling all crazy on it's own . .
      Running apps willy nilly . . .
         Pulling up random websites . .
    Refusing me access. .
      While using my phone for it's own evil plan . .
  And the incredible extreme heat . .
    Who's bad idea was that??
      Half an hour cleaning at work and I desperately need a shower . .

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