Monday, July 18, 2016

Thinking . .

As we passed this alley it caught my eye . .
  Right now we are fortunate enough to have a really nice place to live . .
     But what if something happens?
Being a single mom living below the poverty level, emergency housing needs have crossed my mind repeatedly.
          I finally had to admit I can't juggle bills any longer and am giving up home ownership. It has been both heartbreaking and a huge relief. On one hand my dream of owning a traditional homestead is ending, and loosing a home is mega stressful. On the other hand a new stage of our lives is beginning with all new amazing adventures!
       In going through the process of finding a new 'home' that works within our budget and is on track with our future plans we landed in an amazing mobile homestead. It's comfy and peaceful . . but it's not ours. This means, as many renters know, at any time and for any/no reason we may be asked to move. On that thought my mind dwells. Prayerfully I consider what we would do if this living situation ended . .
   A tent? Not a winter option (?).
    Live in the car? Crowded.
      Shelters? We would be separated.
       A lot to ponder . .
     What would you do?

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