Sunday, July 3, 2016

'Homemade' bomb severs man's foot in Central Park (GRAPHIC PICS)

A blast caused by a 'homemade' explosive in Central Park severed the foot of a young man visiting New York from Virginia Sunday.

I am, once again/as usual, baffled. How, in good conscience, can NYPD and the New York Mayor's office allow Central Park to remain open for a major holiday weekend after one bomb has already gone off harming an innocent young man???!!!!
Here we sit with ISIS making continued threats against our cities and people . .
Here we sit with how many thousands ready to head to Central Park tomorrow . . .
And whomever planted that bomb . .
For whatever reason . .
Undoubtedly planted more . .
How many of these bombs have to go off . .
How many people have to be seriously or mortally wounded . .
Before this is taken seriously??!?!?!?!

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