Sunday, March 6, 2016

Attack of the Vicious Floor Mats~ Update!

Well, almost three (3) months later and it's obvious that this is about as much improvement as I'm going to see. The ER doctor had said the swelling in the hematomas would reverse as much as possible by February 8th, which was almost a month ago. I'm grateful it has reduced this much!!
I am thinking that, with the onset of hiking season, hitting the trails and, somehow, increasing how many miles I walk each week, the rest of the swelling may process out. Here's my hopeful thinking:
~The hematomas are simply huge annoying and painful blood blisters that will slowly be absorbed by my body.
~More walking should increase my blood flow to my legs pumping out anything unneeded, including the old dead blood in the hematomas .  .
I am hopeful.
Please, all, be wary of any floor mats . .
These are vicious creatures disguised as helpful devises!!

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