Thursday, July 7, 2016

"Study: Trump health care plan would make 18M uninsured"

Having read through this I can see some upside as I don't like the government overreaching.
But .  .
I have been, for the most part, enjoying the free medical Obama "gave" me. I have, however, noticed the care is not of the same quality as years before (when I had previously been on the medical card).
Obama's system brings this "you only rate ___ level of medical care" feeling.

And so?
Well, I am seeing Trump as a forgone conclusion,
So . . .
Every American needs to get as much medical taken care of as possible before February 2017. We all know that the new plan for U.S. medical coverage will be somewhat to completely different than what Trump is now proposing (every political candidate is a wild card).
Make your appointments, check all your numbers, refill your meds, watch your diet . . .
Whatever is coming may be better (at least for those who can afford to pay for insurance) . .
But it could also be a lot worse!!

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