Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Hope Quilt Top

Hi! Welcome back.
I wanted to share a bit with you about changes I've made to how I'm doing this quilt top. Before I had a meaning for each color of floss and it was all stitched in a very dainty manner.
Not any longer.
Now I am stitching blessings in random colors to suit my fancy and am using a vine stitch (thicker).
I intend, however, to now add metallic thread to stitches denoting tithes and offerings where this was done with a deep dark burgundy red floss before.
So far I like how this looks and having the center different than the outer circle looks fine (I was concerned it might not). It will be fun to eventually see this quilt top finished  . . . maybe a velvet back as I have a nice piece of velvet on hand . . a deep burgundy just the right size!!

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