Sunday, May 15, 2016

"Take Any Bride" by Juliet Gray

First I must tell you why I read this book. You see, I've been wondering about all the people who end up in either a marriage of convenience or an arranged marriage. I know that these were quite normal long ago, and probably still are in some cultures. I also know that, due to custom/laws/religious beliefs, these marriages lasted.
And so, I looked at this book as a peek into this world (albeit a fictitious story line). This book is well written and, although it didn't hold as tightly to me as the last, drew me back to finish it.
In looking at the world we live in . . looking at how those of my generation who are single (I refer to us as "the walking wounded", too scarred from previous relationships to trust again) . .
In looking at the dire need to find a mate with similar beliefs/goals vs cute and fun . .
       My thought is that falling in love before marriage leads to heartache from marrying someone you don't really know. . while marrying someone to help each other survive may be a Way better choice!! Love comes over time caring for the other's needs and them caring for yours.
       What are your thoughts?

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