Saturday, May 28, 2016

Head Coverings for Christian Women

       Recently I've found more information on Christian women's head coverings and wanted to share it with you. I have to mention that I am not currently covering . . not because I don't believe I need to as I know very well it's a necessity. I ran into problems with my head coverings and simply stopped wearing these. Not a good excuse. I have ideas for a better head covering (won't slip off so easily, cuter, not a copy of everyone else's . .). Finding this new (to me) information is (as He always is) Right on Time!!!
    So . . .
       Here are the related passages I've found:
     {Please share your thoughts}

Genesis 6:2 in my Old Scofield Reference Bible . .

       My "NIV Compact Dictionary of the Bible" explains the phrase 'sons of God' . . .

       1 Corinthians 11:10 from my "Companion Bible" . .
       this cool Bible offers some seriously in depth explanations of the verses. Note that, in speaking of Christian women's head coverings it refers to angels as the reason and sends us back to Genesis 6:2 where the angels were lusting after women . . the hair of the women is what attracted to angels  . . . 
       note that the angels 'took them wives' meaning the women were given no choice in this mating with fallen angels . . think rape . . 
       So the head covering is to protect us from fallen angels.
       Yes, I know this sounds a bit much and I understand your hesitation, but, upon studying the "Book of Enoch", a book eliminated from the Bible by man, not God, I have found there is much to learn.
       My suggestion to you ~> don't simply believe me. Look it all up for yourself. Use your best study Bible or head to Barnes and Noble or your local Christian bookstore and look this all up. Compare for yourself what these passages are saying. Find a solid pre-1611 Bible that includes the Apocrypha and begin reading all the books of the original Bible that men removed.
Know the truth for yourself . .  .
Then use this knew, more in depth information to be a truly correctly obedient  Christian!!!

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