Monday, May 23, 2016

When it's Not Okay

       Today is one of those days. You know the days when you simply have to take that next step and do something radical about it all . .?!!
       I've been praying about all of this, but know I have to put plans into motion to take the next critical step.
       So . . .?
       Today, under the pressure of yet another sinus infection, I spent my break redoing my list  . . . you know, that list that helps me see and focus on my goals!
       And, in rewriting my list, I've got a new direction.
       I will admit that sometimes (for some reason) my list will be the same old thing. That's disheartening!!
       My list today, though, revealed a lot I already knew but maybe simply hadn't come to terms with yet. I now have a clearer plan and feel in control of my future again!! I have consolidated the items I came up with and have a fun list of six (6) easy items to work on over the next week. Each of these, although small, will make a HUGE difference towards my future. Things have to change and it's entirely up to me to act on this. Time for some major changes!!
       What do you do to organize your dreams and plans?

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