Friday, May 20, 2016

Laundry at the Blue Kangaroo . .

Another laundry outing at the Blue Kangaroo on Cass St. in Joliet tonight. I use this laundromat even though it's not the closest to home.
This huge washer (not the biggest here) is only $3.75 or 15 quarters. I come about once a week and, unless I'm washing blankets or throw rugs, I can get all my dirty laundry into this one (1) washer!!! Believe it or not my clothes come out extremely clean and fresh.
Once the washer is done all my laundry tumbles together in one dryer running 40 minutes and costing me only an additional $1.00. Two hours here and I have fresh clean laundry to fold!!
Meanwhile . .  there are the American laundromat relationship dynamics to watch . . . families come in and show off parenting skills/extreme severe lack of . . . very small children run wild through the building while their parents obliviously chat . . .
Cottage industry vendors show up with delectable treats (fresh fruit, chips, home baked breads) for sale . . . . vending machines offer candies, ice creams, pop, cookies and bubble gum . . . there's free Direct TV and we quite often find it tuned to the History Channel, which we love to watch.
All in all this is a good place to do laundry, watch TV, munch and watch the bizarre habits of Americans doing laundry!!!

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