Sunday, May 29, 2016 "Pleading for Peace in Chicago Amid Fears of a Bloody Summer"

From The New York Times:

Pleading for Peace in Chicago Amid Fears of a Bloody Summer

Dreading the arrival of summer, historically the city’s most dangerous season, residents and leaders called for an end to the surging gun violence.

       As Chicago proceeds with their 'summer of faith' program for it's third year, I am seriously wondering what makes Rahm Emanuel think it will work?? I mean, seriously, if it worked homicides and shootings this year would already be below the rates from the last two (2) years, Right??!!
       Yes, Chicagoans need to have faith in God.  . . . but not in the mayor. His leadership has already shown that Chicago really was able to become more violent!
       And to say that, on such a historically violence ridden weekend, Chicagoans need to be out walking around their neighborhoods seems a negligent statement, IMHO. Is it really a responsible decision to suggest that citizens put themselves out on the streets where they can easily become victims of drive by shootings?
Imagine that you lived in a city where there was no way to know when/where the next shooting would take place . . . would you place your family out in your neighborhood as an easy target??
                     I wouldn't.
       And, I am seriously wondering about the statement that the police know who the gangbangers are, what they are doing and where they live . . . Can someone please explain to me how these thugs are still walking the streets if all this information is already documented???!!!
       Also, as a side question(s):
* what are the demographics of the victims?
* what are the demographics of the gangbangers?
* Chicago city government demographics?
* Chicago cops demographics?
* Chicago residents demographics?

       I don't know any of this information, but wonder quite a few things concerning a solid comparative chart of these particular statistics . . .
       What do YOU think???!

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