Thursday, May 12, 2016

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mini Ice Age .?

As I watch the creek rush past and wonder how much further it will rise with this set of storms . . .
I am contemplating  . .  .
       San Andreas fault is ready to go . .
         New Madrid fault is way way overdue . . .
           And we are starting a mini ice age . . .
   Where do we go?
       Initially the reports (from Russian and Mexican scientists) stated that the mini ice age would primarily affect the area from approximately Maine to Peoria, IL . . . I took some comfort in knowing that I live close to Peoria, and so, close to the southern tip of this coming frozen nightmare.
   But I have noticed that this particular map is no longer a part of the reports.
      This omission leaves me wondering, as the earthquakes and volcanoes shake, crumble and liquefy the land mass of the U.S. and we board our sailboat, will we need to head to the equator?
   What about pole shift?
      And wobble?

       Does anyone know how to pull all this into one coherent thought process and then map it??!!!

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