Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Moving Ahead . . Moving On . .

Hello and welcome back!! I've been trying to write this post for a few days now when I occurred to me I'd already written it in texts to my sister. .
"Got a little distracted . . Ya know, when ya pray and pray and He gives you an answer but then, in looking ahead ya forget about the now and chores. . ? Yeah, that's what happened to me . . .
I haven't begun to earnestly look for a boat yet. . one thing at a time~ each day I pray and follow priorities I'm led to. . .
Redid my list and am more focused now 😁"
I was too much focused on the end result and not at all on today . . plus I had not taken clearly into account that, although God may lay out an ideal plan, He will not force anyone to follow it . . my entire existence felt like it was reviving around everyone being obedient to the Lord . .
so now, I am going to move forward in such a way I am ready for whatever He requires of me, but not totally planning on other people involved being of the same mindset . . . I realize that sometimes God's plans for us don't sound logical to us. That doesn't make these unsound plans~ He has the ultimate in sound plans for our lives!! It's simply that sometimes those plans aren't what we had our hearts set on . .
and so, I must be as obedient as possible and prepare for what He has shown me, yet . . be prepared for whatever comes . . .

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