Sunday, December 20, 2015

Vicious Floor Mat Attack Update . .

Hey there! Hoping you've been able to maintain your safety during this apparent floor mat uprising. And, really, if you were walked on every day and covered in whatever filth is on people's shoes, wouldn't you organize some sort of protest or counterattack??!!!
As for my poor legs? Well, a lot of the bruising is gone. I went to the ER on the 11th (eight days after I fell) and had x-rays and an ultrasound done . . no breaks or fractures and no blood clots either . . but I do have a hematoma on each calf . . the ER doctor said it will take about eight (8) weeks to fully heal and I should keep my legs elevated and try to apply an ice pack at least fifteen (15) minutes per day . . . I am taking ibuprofen, but the cold air is exceedingly painful . .
Don't let this happen to you or your family . . be aware and vigilant!!!

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