Monday, December 28, 2015

Day 362/365

6:03am and the fire is barely smoldering . . this is disheartening as I'd really like to rely on it as our primary source of heat . . .
The thermostat is set at 50*F yet my bedroom, at the far end of the house from the woodstove, is 59*F!! So, despite my all-night struggle to keep the fire going, we are comfy. And this was accomplished using primarily wet firewood that basically had to dry in the stove as it began to burn!!! It is currently 31*F with a windchill of 23*F . . .
We still have that crazy winter storm advisory as well as a high wind advisory in effect and next to no wood drying indoors. Our tinder bin is almost empty and the kindling bin is empty. We have some dry branches that Matt still needs to saw in half (maybe this evening while watching a movie?). He has ventured out front to haul in more wood (awesome son-isms!!!) and says there's ice on the front of the car. He watched a car drive by then listened to it slide down our hill . . . the drive to work may be interesting  . .
So far this morning I've had 16oz of coffee, refilled my 32oz cup and Matt has started another pot so I have coffee to drink at work (going for ultimate coffee buzz??!!! . .  . .
How is it looking from your homestead?

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