Tuesday, September 20, 2016

9 Month Challenge .. pt. 2

      Well, a lot has happened since I started this process/challenge. . .
I've learned that a lot of bad economic things can happen the October directly before a presidential election ..  this has led me to look at our current situation more conservatively yet with greater urgency.  ..
I am also looking ahead at the election itself . . with all the protests and riots nationwide in the last year . . and even at pre-election events ..  I am thinking we should first prepare for the worst on November 6, 2016 .. . by that day it seems a good idea to have at minimum 2-3 solid "get out of Dodge" options ..  this may be a good way (as these are investigated and prepped, to gain serious info for the later 9 month plan. In all honesty, isn't the ideal bug out location also the ideal retirement plan?
Then there is post election planning. . . all candidates should be considered wild cards. . . no president ever does what he says he will do (was JFK even an exception? He is my favorite). . we all need to assume all government benefits will cease immediately upon inauguration. My personal plan is to have as many medical and dental appointments done before December as possible so that any potential health issues are addressed before whomever takes office. Also, one might consider collecting natural/folk/herbal medicine books as well as a solid EMS handbook and as many supplies as possible (as a precaution).  . even if all goes smoothly in 2017 transition, it is always good to have these supplies.
Actually these preps will speed my progress in my 9 month challenge . . each helps me reassess our needs .. 
I am also looking at what I want for me for retirement: low cost, hiking, exploring, beach nearby, quiet/privacy, garden option, chicken/duck/rabbit husbandry option . .
More to consider . .
But all items I would find bugging out pre-planned!!

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