Friday, September 16, 2016

10,000 Step/Day Challenge . . 43% done . .

I walked 4,359 steps so far today . .
Although I feel like I'm moving super slow I'm really not. I'm actually at about my normal speed of 2.6 mph ..  I'm at 2.3 mph today. I can live with that!!
I am a little sore .. 
But . .
Looking ahead, which absolutely has to be my focus, this current discomfort is a necessity to get my full-time hours so Matt and I are financially set to move on with our lives.
As I clean bathrooms I listen to Irish Christian music . . my soul is touched  ..  all praise to Him who cares for, provides for and protects Matt and I. I know He has glorious plans for our future and am letting Him deal with my worries. He is better able to deal with it all.

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