Saturday, September 3, 2016

"Giving New Detroit to Syria"

       As I sat and read this article it sickened me. Here the US sits with a city ready to be a fresh new slate to write a new generations future on. There are huge incentive packages available to lure educated millennials to new housing and jobs.
       Yet Hillary Clinton wants to give all of this to Syrian refugees!!
       Our country, although not yet in the mess Syria is in, is sliding downhill and Fast. As American citizens we are attempting to rebuild our country. The incentives in Detroit (I'm hearing things that make me wish I was young enough to qualify) sound like getting in on the ground floor of a really neat earth based space station.
       So why would Hillary Clinton want to hand all this comfort and convenience to others before taking a substantial amount of time to encourage our country's youth to consider it first? Why is she not showcasing it on commercials major on TV shows? Or taking high school seniors from across the country on tours of all that awaits them in this futuristic Detroit??
      Anyone have any answers?

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