Sunday, August 7, 2016

"Lake, Cook counties to remove 3 dams along Des Plaines River"

       Wow, can you imagine the flow of water uninhibited along the Des Plaines River and the I&M Sewage Canal?!?!?! To me this is exciting news!! I live and work alongside both and have had and voiced concerns for a while.
        In looking at the EPA website years ago I found that "full body contact" with this water is not recommended. Yet, people fish in it, and if poor, eat those fish. This water is where the city of Chicago dumps it's raw sewage (don't get me started about that!!). This same body of water flows through Lemont, Lockport, Crest Hill, Joliet, Morris .  .. all these towns get to breathe this toxic mess. And the kids in these towns (if like the kids I see in Lockport) play in this same water as kids and water are inseparable.
       Hopefully the removal of these three (3) dams will seriously improve the water quality.
       Imagine it being clean enough these riverside towns could offer amenities along the Des Plaines River ~ dining, docks, trails, camping . .        

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