Saturday, August 13, 2016

Nine Month Challenge

I've started a new challenge . . you know how I am about creating a challenge then trying to beat it. This all started because I was feeling that we were pretty well set with our prepping yet somehow not prepping to move on to the next stage. And it didn't seem like anything was working to change that.
So . .
I stopped to think . . What would be the worst disaster that could hit Matt and I? Complete loss of income, plain and simple. And for my job to totally end, I do believe the building I work in would have to fall over (although there are other branches/divisions I doubt I'd be transferred).
And so, my scenario was that building falling over (literally).
On to time frame . . I asked Matt for his favorite month in spring and he replied, "April".
So. . .
By April 1, 2017 I need to be prepared for the building to fall over.
1) cut expenses completely
2) save money like life depends on it
3) begin to find backup income
4) look for cheap/free alternative housing
. . . . 
All basic steps . .
Then I stopped to think. .
People are protesting/rioting now. What about after the election in November?
No matter who wins it's not going to go over well with many . .
People are
      Broke . .
        Hungry. . .
          Homeless . .
            Tired . .
                Desperate . .
Okay, break preps into stages first preparing for huge civil unrest in November.
Then I hear October may be bad because of the election  . . .
Move preps along faster then, finishing most critical first.
Nine month challenge still in effect, but using these other disasters to organize better.
And in April?  
Who knows . . The building won't actually fall over, but I want the added security of backup income and critical supplies.
What about you?
Want to join the challenge?
What would be the worst disaster for you/your family?
Now, you have nine (9) months to prepare . .

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