Monday, August 22, 2016

Water Crisis

       IMHO (in my humble opinion), after watching all that went on and what was and wasn't done to protect the Flint residents, and now watching it happen yet again, it is my belief that every American citizen should have their water privately tested then post those results publicly online. The same for soil tests.
       Even though it appears (to me) that these crisis are hitting those in poverty, we all need to understand that water supply areas do cross economic boundaries. For example, one water supply line could easily service impoverished and wealthy neighborhoods. Soil contamination works the same way. Contaminated soil has no rules as to where it should/shouldn't blow. A strong wind comes up and that parched summer earth is blown into every nearby neighborhood.
       Honestly it doesn't look like local or national governments care enough to do testing we can trust then openly release those findings to us. It's 100% up to American citizens at this point.
          If we want our kids safe and healthy we have to get facts, publicize it then go en mass to all city, county and state board meetings until action is taken.
       Together we can change this!!

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