Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pondering . . .

* how can someone act like a friend until around others then burn you for fun/self advancement?

~ could managing/owning a small campground be considered low stress semiretirement?

• when furniture rental companies, like Rent a Center (, picks up furniture from a customer, what is done to prevent taking bedbugs back to the shop/ to the next customer?

° why are so many not using complete Bible, including apocryphal???

• how can less possibly be so peaceful? How come no one told us about this?

° why do people get so aggravated when someone is quiet and humble in the face of their anger?

~ as sinkholes become, more and more, a widespread problem, why is the government not testing for where these are and notifying the public??

* why am I chubby when I'm single/with the wrong guy, but lose weight naturally/automatically when I'm with a guy who treats me right?


  1. Very good and thought-provoking questions...

    1. Thank you!! Thought I'd try posting my thoughts in this format for a change of pace. I also wanted to see how well my readers would like it. Funny how some parts of my blogging/writing style have changed so dramatically (to my perception) . . . . almost runs parallel to the changes in my life. =°}


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