Sunday, June 19, 2016

Exploring/ Learning Our Area on Foot

Ever stop to walk your normal route to work? Or the route the kids go on the school bus?
The sights, sounds, smells and general feel of an area are much different and so much clearer when you are walking then as you whiz by in your car!
The distant train whistle . .
The bird calls (what breeds are they??)
   The breeze on your face . .
     The smell (fish, water, flowers, trash?) . . 
       And, closing your eyes, what is the feel of this place? 

I can easily say I can find my way around most of Joliet, Lockport and Rockdale by car . . .
But I need to know more about these areas.
  Where are the prettiest flower gardens?
   What neighborhood has the most people who sincerely smile?
    Where is the best spot to sit in the shade?
     If I wanted to take a nice long walk from Rockdale to Lockport, what roads would be the most fun to walk? Have the most mulberry trees? Most shade? Least traffic? Simply feel safest?
      As Matt and I park the car in random places to simply walk . .
~ get to know the area completely . .
~ see who really lives there . .
~ who drives by . .
~ what wildlife there is . .
~ catch a random breeze  . . .
As we do this we become 100% familiar with our surroundings. We see the area so much more clearly. We know where we do and don't want to walk at night (and why). We know where the odd shortcuts are to get us there faster.
And, as an added bonus, we've had this time as a family to enjoy each other's company and learn from the other's perspective (an autistic son has a kool and unique perspective!!).

Stop your car at least once a week.
  Take the family and walk an area you have only driven.
    Notice everything ~ use all your senses!!
Talk about all you each see and feel . .

Open your eyes to the real world around you.

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