Monday, June 20, 2016

Found Money Jug!!

Okay, so the concept behind this jug is to set aside all money we find . .
You know, the loose change we find in random odd places . . maybe while out walking . . . or in that coat we put away last spring . . under car seats or in the console . .
Right now we are at $0.35 . .
I'll post our progress monthly . .
           So stay tuned!!


  1. Hey! That is a very neat idea! I could do that and use the money for my painting supplies!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I miss the old blogging days where everyone visited each other's blogs on a regular basis. Life changes....

    1. The world has gotten really crazy . . so many days are filled with simply surviving . . s3ms like finding time to visit blogs and write long newsy letters is a thing of the past . . . hope all is well in your world :)


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