Monday, June 20, 2016

Water . . .

  So, honestly, this is raw sewage from Chicago . .
Somehow Chicago officials have managed to get permission to dump untreated raw sewage into the river.
Can you imagine your local municipality allowing all citizens to flush their toilets into backyard ponds?
Or dump chamber pots out the window onto the street??
And yet . . .
The city of Chicago is permitted to use the archaic disease spreading method of dumping raw sewage into the Desplaines River!!
Now, I do realize that when this practice began (dumping sewage into the I&M Sewage Canal and Desplaines River), this thinking probably seemed way ahead of it's time. After all, this was a free efficient way to remove bacteria and virus filled human waste from a growing and thriving metropolis!!
For some reason,
   The impact of this dumping of raw human waste on people downriver,
     Was irrelevant . .
Yes, the health and wellbeing of families along the I&M Sewage (Sanitary) Canal and Desplaines River appear, IMHO, to have been deemed then, as well as now, to be less worthy than the cost of a proper hygienic waste disposal system.

  I am wondering,
     What if all the cities impacted by Chicago's human waste floating by  . .
     Were to take all our human waste and dump it in Lake Michigan  . .
      Say right along Chicago's shores??!
Well, this is what we smell every day downriver from Chicago.
What do you think?

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