Sunday, June 26, 2016

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Hi! Welcome back. With all that's been going on with the refugee resettlement problem, I wanted to share a website with you. This site is attempting to keep a current database of areas and problems associated with the resettled refugees. As this is becoming a bigger and bigger nightmare we all need to stay abreast of where they are being resettled, the changes to those communities and how quickly it is spreading to our communities.

On a side note I must say (this will ramble a bit so please be patient and hear me out) . . I have not always been opposed to refugees resettling in the US. In fact, I'm not opposed to all refugees resettling here. I am opposed to legal immigrants being refused based on logical criteria while illegal immigrants force themselves upon us. I am also opposed to so many U.S. citizens living in poverty, children homeless, insufficient funds to give a helping hand to a better life (not welfare/public aid, etc, but training, etc), bare minimum medical care . . meanwhile there's an unlimited amount of money available to any who sneak in!!
And, while here, laws are being changed to accommodate the immigrants' belief system?!!?
Maybe I'm biased. . . I work 48+ hours/week and am loosing my home . . my son has lost his social security . . . the school system was uncooperative so now I home school . .  I am learning to live an alternative lifestyle to keep my autistic son happy and with some sort of place out of the weather . .  . I am paying taxes into a system that considers me refuge . .
All while my tax dollars provide a nice lifestyle for the refugees.
I am baffled, hurt, angry . .
And, I wonder, will this new group of refugees work the system the way another longtime group does, starting their own economic system outside ours, working illegally (taking jobs we needs), and still collecting food stamps (Link, SNAP), WIC and cash assistance . . .?
Meanwhile . . here I sit praying my household will be ok . . trying to learn new ways to live on less money, looking for places we can live cheaply/free . . .
What has happened to our country?
Check out her website . .
You need to know!!

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