Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sleep Study?

       Hi and welcome back. Hoping your Thursday is pleasant!
       I wanted to share a bit with you in advance (I so wanted to wait, but . .). . .  My cardiologist wants me to have a sleep study because I'm so tired all the time. He feels that, even though I work 48+ hours/week and am a single parent to an autistic child, I shouldn't be this tired and needing so much caffeine and sugar to keep going. . .
       Imagine me not being dependent on coffee and Coca Cola!! Nice.
        And, he also told me about sleep studies showing a cause for ADHD that can be resolved with a surgery!! That would be so exciting for Matt!!!
       So, we are both scheduled for sleep studies this summer . .
        The agency doing the sleep study has rooms set up like hotel rooms, so we will be spoiled  . . comfy beds, TV, hot showers . . we will need to bring our own munchies, although I am thinking we will eat dinner out that night. . . and they will wake us at 5:00am (hmm, good luck waking Matt before 6:30am!!) And have us out of there by 6:00am . . . I am seeing an early  leisurely breakfast, Right?!!???!
       Then we await the results . ..
       Surgery for Matt?
       Cpap for me?
       Definitely an adventure!!

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