Monday, May 9, 2016

Surviving a Flood

Watching the planet go through so many changes I've been thinking a lot about my family's preps, or severe lack thereof.
* If a meteor hits? We're dead~ no way to prep for that.
* if a volcano suddenly appears beneath us? We're dead.
* civil unrest? EMP? Major Storms? Earthquakes? Well, that's where all the camping and scouting come in handy.
* What about floods . . .?
       Okay so I'm not ready for a flood. I don't own a boat ~ not even a dinghy or row boat. I am not prepared. A simple truth.
      And, as earthquakes increase, I have heard that a major quake at the New Madrid fault could very well liquefy the earth's subsurface from the earthquake location going north to Lake Michigan and south to the Gulf of Mexico. Then the Gulf of Mexico will merge with Lake Michigan creating a new ocean right where I live!!
      And, on that note, I wonder . . .
   What does one do to prep for a major earthquake immediately followed by the ground under them liquefying into a giant sinkhole immediately filling with salt water?
      Is there a prep for that?
     Even if one did own a boat, what's to say it would survive dropping into such a massive sinkhole? Or that it would land upright?
    And then there is the question of the Gulf of Mexico merging with Lake Michigan . . at what rate will this new ocean fill? I'm convinced it will be at such a rate as to make a boat irrelevant.
       Is leaving this area the answer?
   But we must consider that the west coast is unstable as the San Andreas fault is ready to bring another major earthquake any day now.  . . . and everything east of the Mississippi is to be destroyed by the New Madrid fault . . .
       Remember that God said He would not flood the earth again . . but all these earth changes are not a complete flooding, but simply a rearranging of land masses with some sinking, some rising and others simply shifting to a new location on the globe. He's kept His promise. We are simply being allowed the great opportunity to live through major earth changes and put our skills to use!
      And I'm thinking . . . would we be better off on our own sailboat far distant enough to be safe from the imminent changes in the earth's crust
and ocean levels. As the new ocean fills the water levels of the Great Lakes and worldwide oceans will drop. How significant will this drop be? And, more importantly, why are we not hearing anything about this?
       What are you doing to prepare your family for all of this? Are you also seeing that the volcanoes and earthquakes are triggering each other?

Check out this blog post . . it has a lot of good maps to begin your research and survival plan:

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