Sunday, May 1, 2016

Race War Coming Soon

    I felt the need to share with you.
       Before you read further, please study the photo and watch the video at the provided link.
    Okay, so are you seeing what I'm seeing? Both of these groups are looking to begin a serious race war!       Maybe I became completely unaware to protect my own sanity, but I haven't seen any of this type of mess since Obama first ran for president. Back then there were even maps of the US posted showing the Arian plan to segregate the country.
   What I find funny about their map now is that genetic testing would undoubtedly prove almost everyone to be so much a mutt we'd all be sitting together squashed into the area marked "other/mixed'!!
      And now?
   Well, let's start with the group (wanting to turn Detroit into Black America??) holding that protest July 4, 2016 . . once they protest and take over what's left in the wasteland Detroit has become, what next? If they are to become their own country they must:
* provide own police, fire and military protection
* repair own infrastructure
* provide own welfare and medical benefits
* provide own social security and disability benefits
* deal with publicity from other races forced out by takeover
* provide own monetary and banking system
       I am wondering if any thought has been given to anything beyond the protest? If the intention is to take Detroit by force hence a protest vs a buyout, then has any plan been set for the weeks following this act of war declared against anyone in Detroit who opposes this action or is of any other race? Yes, this poster reads to me as a plan to declare war on Detroit for the purpose of takeover and starting a new country smack dab in the middle of the US!!
And so, once they protest/riot and the city burns who do they think will run to their aid to put out the fires? And when business owners learn of this plan and leave, who will this new nation turn to to purchase food? Gasoline? Electricity? Water?
      Then there are the Arian's . . . a disorganized group wanting segregation also. This group also wants to start scholarships similar to what's available exclusively to other races.
   The burning of crosses and swastikas is, IMHO, disgusting. They serve a small minority of white Americans and will have little support from the general population.

       And me? Well, I'm a mutt. Bits and pieces of different countries/races.
       I'd like to see people treat each other with love and respect.

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