Friday, May 13, 2016

Prepping with Family

      We all know prepping with family can be anywhere from tricky to downright difficult. Seems like either everyone has opposing views on what needs to be done and when . . or they simply aren't going to prep/allow you to prep.
       The local county fair can be a simple and cheap tool to resolve this. Everyone has some sort of skill, whether it be photography, canning, baking cakes, whittling . . everyone loves a little competition and the fair has more categories to compete in than you would believe!! There are categories for the kids, mom and dad and the grandparents too!!
      Does Aunt Bess make amazing costumes? She can enter that.
       Grandma set a stunning table? She can enter that.
       Uncle Earl have a unique collection of old books or tins?  He can enter those.
       Grandad grow extraordinary veggies? He can enter those.
       Rather than make it a prepping situation get the whole family working double time on those hobbies. They are doing fabulous work on preparing their craft/hobby for the fair but are also becoming an asset to your preps.
      Imagine little Bobby's Lego skills rewarded with a blue ribbon! Now imagine what that will encourage him to make for next year's competition!!
       Imagine your wife (the non-prepper) suddenly encouraging the kids in their post-EMP skill building!!
    As a side note, your family can also work on camping skills at the fair as there are spaces to rent for your family tent. Because . . of course the kids need the full fair experience of camping next to the farm families and falling asleep/waking to the homesteading sounds of farm animals!!
       Prep on and stay strong!
         Your family depends on it!!!

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