Sunday, May 15, 2016

Our Autistic Life . . my world

Hello there and welcome back.
As every autism/aspergers situation is as different as every child on the planet is their own person, I wanted to begin to share bits and pieces of our autistic life.
This is my son, Matt. He's 15-years-old and has aspergers (high-functioning autism).
~ he is verbal
~ he doesn't always advocate for himself or explain his needs clearly
~ he loves way too much so gets his feelings hurt easily
~ he is very bright/gifted, but teachers who don't bother to get to know him don't realize that
~ he gets bored in a regular classroom
~ too much stress can cause bed wetting
~ he wasn't coordinated enough to ride a bike until he was eight (8) years old . . even then, his posture on that bike had the neighborhood so scared he'd fall off!
~ he can sell ice cubes to a naked Eskimo in the dead of winter
~ he loves Lego's!!!!!!!!
~ he loves lemons!!!
~ texture is so important . .
    * no tags in shirts
    * concrete pillar at Jewel-Osco in Lemont he said as he hugged it, " I've been waiting for this all my life!!!"
~ needs a Lot of physical contact/comfort . . . really likes to be within arms reach of me most of the time (day/night)
~ adventurous
~ wants to be an archeologist (think "Indiana Jones"/ " The Librarian")
~ hopeless romantic
~ likes to cut my screens on my windows . .
~ amazing cook . . I am his "test monkey" and he is my personal chef!!
~ very protective of me
~ really good writer but shows little interest currently (his writing won him a spot at Young Authors in 1st grade)
~ soooo funny 

So this is us. . . an initial tiny peek into our autistic life.

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