Friday, December 4, 2015

Wife Bible Study ~ 2 Samuel 11

This morning I took some time to do a bit of research on Bathsheba. I pulled out "Every Woman in the Bible" and found the section I needed then sat back to read. I admit I didn't finish my reading . . I saw this woman from a new light~ as a victim. And I sat and stared at the pages . . .
All day today I quietly thought about what I had read . .
David should have been with his troops . .
Bathsheba wouldn't have been seen bathing in her courtyard if David had been where he was supposed to be  . . .
David requested Bathsheba's presence so she had no choice but go to him . .
"He lay with her . . ." not 'she seduced him' . . she had no choice/she was raped . . .
A lot to take in and I am still thinking about her situation. Being a woman in her time meant more of being a possession than it does now (although not always by much I'm afraid) . . . Raised to be totally dependent she was completely at the mercy of men and was also required to be obedient to her king.
This is so much the opposite of the movie which portrays the relationship as romantic.

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