Monday, December 14, 2015

Make Your Home a Haven Challenge ~ Day 39

Candles lit and Christian music on the living room stereo . .
Prayers and consulting with God all day . .
Peaceful homestead. . . 
I took a vacation day today and, Wow, was that nice!!! Put my legs up a lot (elevated for swelling from attack by floor mat) . . ran some laundry . . started supper simmering early . . wrote several long letters to pen pals whom I am sure think I abandoned them . . addressed SSI issues (hopefully thoroughly) . . . and slept in until 11:15am!!! Such a huge blessing to be home . . I can't even put it into words . .
Meanwhile, we are enjoying the blessing of family time . . Matt is studying for finals . . and I'm working on my crazy quilt top  . . .
Hope you are blessed also!!!

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