Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 346/365

Looking out . .
Reflecting in . .
And the world economies steady as a yo-yo . .
Most around have no plan . .
They just exist . .
Some say, "God will provide in a disaster, you just don't have faith!"
But He gives us access to so much information  . .
How to garden, can, sew . .
Were our ancestors unbelievers?
Not hardly!!
If you ask me, they had a lot more faith in God than most of us . .
Yet they had huge gardens, canned food, stocked up on a year or more's worth of all supplies . . .
When they were snowed in or hit by drought they were ready . . .
And us sophisticated modern people?
Well, Hurricane Katrina should tell you how prepared most people are . .
And as the earth goes through the natural changes causing huge odd storms, earthquakes  . .?
Those unprepared will eventually die off. . .
This is almost like "nature choosing from it's own who will survive" . .
When people act like the grasshopper  . .
And scoff at the ant . . .
They will perish  . .
For lack of simple effort . .
Why would anyone choose to die due to laziness .  .?

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