Thursday, December 3, 2015

Crime-Solving Adventure

A peaceful homestead  . .
Sweet son sleeping in as he has a half day . .

8:09am~ driving west on Cass St I saw the vehicle associated with one of the buildings where I work being stripped of plumbing (robbery happened yesterday) . .  . he was buying gas at the Shell Station at Henderson Ave . .
~I called 911 and pulled over to watch him . . alerted 911 dispatcher that he left the gas station and was headed south on Henderson .  . . she let squad cars know . .
~ as soon as I could I followed him (2 red lights behind) . . caught up with him at Richards St and there was a squad car sitting next to him . . obviously the officer heard the call because, as soon as the white Town car with a Vermont plate turned left the squad car through on the lights and pursued!!
~ yes, I was doing my *embarrassing happy dance* as I drove and singing "happy day, happy day!!" :)
~ I followed the squad car so I could identify the driver as the thief . .
~ this allowed me a bit of time for quilting . . .
I have to say KUDOS to the Joliet Police Department dispatch operator and the officers who were at the traffic stop/pulled him over and dealt with him~~ very sincerely courteous, kind and professional handling of this!!!
Thank you to all of you for your immediate assistance!!!!

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